Ambra corsetteria grand arch bikini

Ambra Corsetteria

emerged from the rare and attractive fossil mineral, amber, which inspired the product lines. The exclusive and irremissible character of the authenticity of Made in Italy, or better still, Uniquely Handmade in Alba, is what makes an AMBRA product stand-out in its craftsmanship. Ambra finds corsetry to be a genuine work of art. The vision of the handmade premium product would be modified by delegating manufacturing and/or assembly phases externally. All their corsetry artwork comes from their single factory based in Alba, where all the stages of development are carried out: from the initial concept, the vision and procurement of materials, to the stylistic formation, the realization of prototypes, wearability and modeling tests. Just like the beautiful mineral AMBRA CORSETTERIA was born from, this brand withstands the sands of time.