AJOUR brand founder, Novitskiy Vitaliy, together with Novitskaia Tatiana, have brought pleasure in the form of lace to women with high quality and diverse preferences, who are looking for exquisite items that are elegant and sensual. For almost two decades, the Ukranian duo has brought vision to the belief that “happiness is not in money, but in good lingerie.”

Materials are the foundation for AJOUR’s current success. AJOUR designs become the trendsetter of future seasons, as their materials for new collections are strictly curated from prestigious global exhibitions containing top quality fabrics from Italy, Spain, and France.

The AJOUR design house pays special attention to handcrafting their lingerie with unique designs. AJOUR delights in elegant lingerie with a fascination for embellishments through jewels, with collections full of different metals, stone pendants and Swarovski appliqués. Be enthralled by the intricacies of AJOUR.

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