About Us


It all started with our mom. A woman with timeless style and an incredible eye for all things fashion and design. As a young girl, she made her own clothes and mastered the art of accessorizing--turning one outfit into twenty. She is the type of woman who always looks effortlessly polished and chic, no matter where she goes. What makes our mother unique from other fashionable ladies, however, is that she wants others to look and feel their best too--often to an embarrassing extent. She will stop people in the mall and make suggestions for their hair color or shoe choice (while we hide under tables in the food court). So it was no surprise to us, her two daughters, when she decided to open a boutique department store of sorts in our hometown of Dallas, TX. Among the beautiful gifts, bedding, clothing and more, she also carried lingerie. We thought it was an interesting choice, but it wasn't long before clients were skipping over the fine candles and handmade throws, to come and see the woman they had been hearing about. The woman with the supernatural ability to fit anyone in the perfect bra. We dubbed her the bra whisperer. Slowly she phased out everything but undies, and opened Trousseau of Dallas, Dallas's premier lingerie destination. For 15 years, we worked with our mother after school, during summers, and before and after college. It turns out that we managed to absorb a few things, and have somehow convinced our mom the lingerie savant to let us foray online. Trousseau of Dallas is the culmination of the love and experience of a mother and her two daughters and their shared passion for helping their clients look and feel their best in every shape and size. Our mission is to bring what made our store special--our selection, our fittings and our service--to you in your homes (or your work computers.) Happy fitting!


Nasrin is the matriarch of this lingerie legacy. In the business for over 20 years, no one can compare to her razor sharp taste and savvy. She can fit a client with one glance and change their life with one new piece of lingerie. Clients keep coming back not only for expertise and honesty but for always unique and high quality selection at all price points. She's taught her daughters everything they know and they're still learning from her every day.

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