Personalized Lingerie & Bra Fitting

Fit is just as important as style when choosing lingerie.Yet, women often end up buying garments that don’t fit properly and just end up collecting dust. If this experience sounds familiar, a professional fitting can make all the difference. Trousseau of Dallas offers expert fittings for foundation pieces, lingerie, and sleepwear in the comfort of your home or at our lingerie shop in Dallas.

During your professional fitting, our lingerie experts will help you find bras and foundation pieces that fit well and play up your unique features and body shape. We’ll also help you choose lingerie pieces like gowns, garters, and playful accessories that suit personality and make you feel spectacular.

We offer an impressive selection of lingerie from the most in-demand designers.

Nasrin—Trousseau’s owner and head lingerie connoisseur—has an eye for what’s hot and trending in the lingerie and fashion industries. She works with several designers, who routinely seek out her opinions and expertise, and she often gets pieces before they’re released. For the best bra fitting in Dallas, Nasrin is your trusted source.

Why Clients Love Our Lingerie Fittings Service

The “Ladies of Trousseau” will make sure your lingerie and foundations fit properly. We believe quality garments are superior in every way. For example, bras that fit properly last longer because the fibers aren’t strained.

Here’s what one satisfied client said about her experience and the value of shopping at Trousseau of Dallas Lingerie:

“I will never buy my lingerie from ANYone else. You help save me money because I bought precisely what FIT; nothing more. I’ve wasted a lot of money in my life buying pieces that didn’t fit well. Months (even two wearings!) later I didn’t wear them at all. They became donations.”

Let Your Confidence Soar

Good-fitting lingerie feels better and boosts your confidence. Our clients tell us time and again how great they feel in the pieces they purchase from Trousseau compared to their existing lingerie. Good feel comes from good fit. We help you choose pieces that support and enhance your features and help you feel your best.

Fashion pioneers have always known what quality lingerie does for a woman’s confidence. In the 1920s Gabrielle Chanel insisted that women modeling her famous suits wear the finest French lingerie underneath—she saw firsthand how it altered the way the models strutted down the runway.

The Ladies of Trousseau agree with the fashion czars at the House of Chanel—quality lingerie transforms the way you feel. Our services and products give you the extra confidence that comes with good fit, function, and fashion. Just check out how we styled our beautiful bride in our Spring 2021 Bridal Lingerie Collections and watched her confidence shine!

Request a Private Appointment

End your struggle with lingerie that doesn't fit! Schedule a lingerie fitting at Trousseau of Dallas. Depending where our designers are in the world, some products runs small, some large. Some pieces are made with stretchy fabrics, others with materials that offer absolutely no give. This means each piece will fit differently, and not all pieces are made for every body.

Trousseau of Dallas will help you find the right size by focusing on fit, not cups and bands.

Get access to expertly curated, hand-selected pieces, from everyday foundations to one-of-a-kind luxury lingerie for play. We have options for every budget—our price points cover the spectrum.

We offer two levels of concierge service—by phone or in-person.

By Phone:

Buying a gift for a friend or partner? Don’t know their exact size or what they might like? Buying something for yourself and know exactly what you’re looking for? Or perhaps you could use a little guidance?

Call us at (214) 538-5161. We’ll put our two decades of lingerie expertise to work for you and find you the perfect piece. During your phone consultation we’ll discuss your needs or the occasion and determine your size. Then we’ll send you images and/or web links to our recommended items. Once you’ve chosen your garment, we’ll ship it right to your door.


(Dallas area only, by appointment as well as walk-ins) Details to follow when social distancing policies allow.

Ready to find the perfect fit after years of buying lingerie and hoping for the best? Our expert fitters will determine your true size and help you select the finest lingerie in Dallas from the most coveted designers in the industry, from practical foundation pieces to unique, luxury lingerie for play. We have options for every budget—our price points cover the spectrum.


We're also encouraging our clients to join us via Zoom. Especially during COVID times we've been able to master this internet interaction! Very versatile and personalized shopping experience! Please fill out the form fill below or call and we can set up a Zoom meeting!

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