Concierge Service

Nasrin, the lingere boutique owner.

Our concierge service provides a professional fitting for foundations, lingerie and sleepwear in the comfort of your home or our location. We bring a variety of luxury

The concierge service allows you to try on foundations and luxury lingerie that range from basic to next level. We offer lingerie products from industry-wide best-selling

After using our concierge service, one client said this:

"I will never buy my lingerie from ANYone else. Your help saved me money because I bought precisely what FIT; nothing more. I’ve wasted a lot money in my life buying pieces that didn’t fit well. Months, (even two wearings!) later I didn’t wear them at all. They became donations."

We make sure your lingerie and foundations fit properly. There is no point in spending money on fine foundations that don’t fit perfectly and feel wonderful. We recommend you buy quality garments that fit because bras that fit well last longer when the fibers aren’t strained.

Our clients have noted how differently their purchases feel when compared with their existing garments. A good feeling comes from a good fit. We make sure you are supported and you feel your best.

Wearing high-quality undergarments gives you confidence. As far back as the 1920’s, Gabrielle Chanel insisted that her famous suits be shown on models wearing the finest, French lingerie because beautiful, quality undergarments cause a woman’s walk to be different. We at Trousseau, like House of Chanel, believe that your undergarments transform the way you feel. Our services and products give you the extra confidence of fit, function and fashion, and we will help you get all three!

Take the stress out of finding the right bra and lingerie. Contact us today to schedule a free professional bra fitting through our in-home concierge service.


Do you struggle with finding undergarments that fit you well? That’s because—just like clothing—some lingerie runs small, some large. Some is made with stretchy fabrics, others with materials that have absolutely no give. Our in-person concierge service will help you to (finally!) find the right size for you by focusing on FIT, not numbers and letters. You will have access to expertly curated, hand-selected pieces from practical foundations to one-of-a-kind luxury lingerie for play. (Don't worry, we have options for every budget! Our price points cover the spectrum.) 

We have a two-tiered concierge service--by phone or in-person--which provides you fit and selection assistance at your convenience. 

By Phone:

Buying a gift for a friend or partner? Don't know their exact size or what they might like? Buying something for yourself and know exactly what you're looking for? Or perhaps could you use a little guidance?

Call us at (214) 538-5161. Our concierge service will put over 20 years of lingerie expertise to work for you to find the perfect piece. We can discuss the occasion, do detective work for the right sizing and send you pictures of our selection and ship right to your door. 

In-Person: (Dallas area only, by appointment.) Details to follow when social distancing policies allow.

Finding the perfect fit for yourself can be hard even after years of trying. Our in-person concierge service will you to (finally!) find your size and help you to select something from industry-wide best-selling practical foundation pieces to unique, luxury lingerie for play. (Don't worry, our price ranges cover the spectrum across categories!)