Collection: Designer Lace Lingerie

Just as essential as the clothes you wear everyday in public are the undergarments, the lingerie, you wear beneath. Lingerie performs a variety of functions, affecting your physical and mental health. With the right lingerie, you’ll find yourself feeling happier, more confident, and better able to spice up your day to day life and when you come home to your bedroom.

If you’re looking for designer lingerie that will help you bring out your beauty, you’ll enjoy our collection here at Trousseau of Dallas. We offer a wide range of luxury lingerie designed to accommodate the needs and preferences of every customer.

There’s a lot of options to choose from in our carefully curated lingerie collection, but we’ve provided several different filters to help you with your selection. This includes:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Designer
  • Style
  • Price
  • Date

We also offer in person, over the phone, and online concierge service. If you want to find luxury lingerie that best fits your needs, be sure to request a private appointment to get in touch with a lingerie expert!

Benefits of Luxury Lingerie:

When it comes to lingerie, many people only think about the looks and what they, and their partner, will think when wearing premium underwear. However, besides the increased sex appeal, there are other benefits to wearing luxury lingerie as well. This includes the following:

  • Increased support. There are many activities throughout the day that take you away from the bedroom. Luxury lingerie is built to support your body as you go about your activities. Reduced back pain and increased comfort are two health benefits that come with wearing luxury lingerie.
  • Increased confidence. The most important person you can empower is yourself. Luxury lingerie provides the opportunity to express yourself as you see fit, especially as your moods and desires in life change.. You’ll feel more confident, attractive, and beautiful as you treat yourself to luxury lingerie.
  • Slimming effect. Premium lingerie is designed to accentuate your natural beauty. With the right lingerie, you’ll look slimmer and better show off your body, especially when you choose panties with a high waist and low back. The right lingerie can also perk up your bust, further showing off your gorgeous looks.
  • Getting rid of panty lines. One struggle with cheaper, poorly made underwear are the visible panty lines that clash with otherwise beautiful outfits. Luxury lingerie will help you get rid of those panty lines. You’ll be able to go to work or hang out with friends without embarrassing yourself or showing off more than you want.
  • Boost your intimacy. One of the best way to improve your sex appeal and turn on your partner is with luxury lingerie. It’s designed to help you improve your foreplay, and help your partner better appreciate the best parts about you. You’ll find your intimate moments together before and after you take off your lingerie.

Consult Trousseau of Dallas to Find the Perfect Lingerie:

Different needs call for different lingerie, so how do you know which option is the best for you? By reaching out to an expert who knows which fabrics, materials, and designs will work for you. Trousseau of Dallas has been helping customers nationwide improve their confidence and comfort with designer made lingerie for over 20 years. We offer sizes from 32A to 54K and prices start at $50.

Our company is excited to help you find your ideal lingerie online, no matter where you live. Besides our concierge services, we also offer fitting services to help you try on our premium products. That way, you’ll know exactly how our quality lingerie makes you feel before you commit to buying.

If you have any other questions about our products or our services, be sure to contact us. Whether you need a new bra, panties, or something else to bring out your beauty and sex appeal, we’re happy to help you find something gorgeous and comfortable here at Trouseeau of Dallas, the house of lingerie.