Atelier Bordelle, founded by Romanian born Londoner Alexandra Popa, centers around its instant appeal to creatives who favour unique design, innovation and outstanding quality, focused on transforming an over saturated market of “stereotypically cute, comfortable, or sexy lingerie.”

With no previous background in lingerie, Alexandra found success in experimental design on a concept of worn-to-be-seen lingerie. Sexual liberation and women empowerment are the cornerstones to the technical talent that brought Alexandra’s vision to life. The Bordelle name has been seen on the likes of audacious celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga.

Bordelle paved the way in innovative design by making its own category of sustainable lingerie through adjustable pieces that fixed the problem of producing multiple sizes per style. Adding adjustment to multi strap bras, bodies, and thongs became the signature feature of all Bordelle styles.