Simone Perele

Simone Perele's popularity is founded on the virtues of French design that are adopted by women all over the world: sophistication, careful attention to detail, creativity, and warmth. Madame Simone Perele, an expert corset maker who founded the company in Paris in 1948, had a vision to empower women by making lingerie that celebrated a woman's natural form. She soon developed a reputation for defying convention by designing lingerie that meets women's need to look good while still feeling good.

Simone Perele is now recognized as one of the most prestigious creators of fine French lingerie. Art, travel, and culture are all inspirations for each collection.

The finest threads, embroidery, lace, and ribbon are hand-picked with careful attention to detail. Simone Perele lingerie is crafted with enthusiasm and precision for the modern woman, resulting in outstanding fit, unmatched comfort, and elegant styling.

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