Buying Lingerie for Valentine’s Day: The Ultimate Gift Guide

From fresh flowers to gourmet chocolates and elegant dinners, many of the classic Valentine’s Day gifts may convey love—but they don’t always convey intrigue and intimacy. If you’re looking to give that special woman—or just yourself—a sexy gift that doesn’t sacrifice good taste, Valentine’s lingerie gifts may be the perfect choice.

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There’s a lot to consider when purchasing lingerie, however. Don’t get stuck in a dizzying array of silks and sizes: Read on to find out how you can make the perfect choice for the perfect woman.

Why Buy Lingerie?

Lingerie is not only sexy and elegant but truly timeless: Where gifts of food and wine are often fleeting, though wonderful, lingerie is a gift that keeps giving long after Valentine’s Day is over.

The gift of lingerie can also add a new level of sexy sophistication to your bedroom routine while also making your partner—or you!—feel sexier and more sophisticated as well. Plus, where many sex-related gifts often cross the lines of good taste, lingerie is widely accepted as a classic and elegant gift between those in a relationship.

However, these benefits are only as good as the lingerie itself. Consider the points in the next section to guarantee the perfect fit … and the perfect results.

How to Buy Lingerie

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Buying lingerie is often a challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with women’s sizing—or your partner’s size, for that matter. Thankfully, you can guarantee a great choice with only a few key pieces of information.

Find the correct size.

Size is the most crucial consideration when purchasing lingerie, though it may be difficult to find out depending on the nature of your relationship. Whichever way you choose to find out, make sure to respect your partner’s boundaries—read: Don’t snoop around too much.

Of course, you can always ask your partner if you’re desperate. While doing so may spoil the surprise somewhat, it may also give her something to look forward to. A dedicated lingerie store can also help you determine your partner’s sizes from other information.

Understand her taste.

Everyone has different tastes, and your partner is no exception. Consider her existing lingerie and underwear, especially those that she chose herself, as well as her general tastes and aesthetic preferences; in other words, not every woman likes frilly lace, even though some do.

Choose the right type of lingerie.

Understanding your partner’s taste will help you choose the right type of lingerie for her. For example, if your partner is more modest, then a camisole or chemise (see-through dress) with a boy-short from Simone Perele or modest bikini bottom is a good bet. However, if she’s more adventurous, there are also belts, corsets, and stockings to choose from—just to name a few extra options.

If you aren’t sure what to choose, lean toward the modest side: A matching pair of high-quality bra and briefs will never disappoint.

Present it properly.

While the presentation is important, it’s also important not to overdo it; instead, let the lingerie speak for itself, and choose simple wrappings and tissue papers. At most, include a sexy note, and, in any case, make sure to present your gift privately—and intimately.

Buy from a Dedicated Lingerie Store Dallas

Thinking of heading to the department store? Think again: While you might have some luck, buying lingerie off the rack without the right assistance could turn your sexy, thoughtful gift into a sexless, tasteless addition to the “return” pile. 

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