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What to Wear Under Your Wedding Gown

Now that you’ve found your wedding gown, it’s time to consider what you’ll wear underneath. The foundation pieces you choose will have a significant impact on your silhouette. Below, you’ll find more information about how to make the best decision at the best time. Why It’s So Important to Select the Right Lingerie Wedding lingerie can make you feel sexy, empowered, and feminine, but it should also be comfortable. Comfort will be of special importance on your big day, when you’ll be wearing your gown and lingerie for hours.  In addition to walking down the aisle, you’ll also be greeting your guests, dancing and eating, and visiting the powder room. You should make all of the above as easy and...

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Why Do Men Like Lingerie?

It’s no secret that lingerie boosts a woman’s sex appeal and confidence, but why do men seem to love it? There are as many different reasons as there are men, but one thing’s for certain: men are visual creatures, and lingerie remains an effective way to draw their attention.

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