How Should a Bra Cup Fit?

If you can never seem to find a bra that fits correctly, you’re not alone; millions of women are wearing the wrong size. However, the key to the right fit—and the most sex appeal—is your bra’s cup size.


Why the Right Cup Fit Is Important

The proper cup fit affects the look of your entire silhouette. A professional bra fitting ensures the following common issues are addressed by measuring your cup size for a secure, comfortable, and alluring fit.


Breasts which appear to flow over the top of the cups can indicate that the cup is too small.

Larger-breasted women may benefit from the higher cut offered by the Bordelle Bondage Belle Soft Cup Bra. Sexy peep detail and soft stretch mesh gently secures the breasts while satin accents add irresistible sheen.

Breasts which overflow from cup sides indicate that a larger cup size is needed with a smaller band—something the Bordelle Bondage Belle style also offers.


Breasts which seem to swim in the bra or cups that gape away from breasts can be corrected with a smaller cup size. A different bra style, such as the demi bra, can also offer an ideal fit.

The I.D. Sarrieri Midnight Affaire Demi Bra combines gorgeous design with clever features for incredible luxury and sexiness that eliminates gaping. Lovely Blue Mirage lace wraps gently and snugly around each breast, while side stays provide such security and comfort that you may forget you’re wearing it.

Expect the opposite from your lover, who won’t be able to get you out of their mind once they’ve seen you in this incredibly sexy creation.

Riding Up

Another very common issue is a bra riding up whenever the arms are moved, causing breasts to peek out underneath. In underwire bras, riding up may also pinch and chafe breast tissue. The solution is a cup that’s one size larger and an underbust band that’s one size smaller.

Julie’s Roses Underwire Full Cup Bra by Dita Von Teese is the ultimate example of a perfect-fitting, classic, and flattering cup. This particular design provides fit that eliminates pinching and riding up, but it also has sheer cups that reveal just enough of your nipple under barely there embroidery to inspire further exploration.

How does your fitting expert know when you’ve achieved the ideal cup size for you? Your bra cups will:

  • Look smooth instead of wrinkled
  • Be positioned snugly to your breasts
  • Keep your breasts from flowing over the sides or front of the bra
  • Envelop your breasts comfortably and securely

Now that we’ve revealed the most common cup problems, join us as we explore other areas that a proper bra fitting focuses on to ensure you wear your bra with confidence.

Bra Strap Problems That Can Affect Fit

Because straps have a significant influence on how your bra cups fit, a bra-fitting will also focus on and fix these common bra strap issues.


Although many women who experience strap slippage will adjust straps so that both are the same length, adjusting each strap individually is the key to a perfect fit. It’s equally important to check and adjust bra straps regularly to keep them secure.

A bra’s style can also solve slippage issues. The Bordelle Botanica Triangle Bra eliminates strap slippage while elevating style and sexiness to entirely new levels. Racerback styling prevents strap slippage, and 24-karat gold hardware allows the Bordelle Botanica to be effortlessly undone with a single motion in front, or slowly and sensually unzipped at the back.

Cutting In

Bra straps that cut into the tops of the shoulders are another very common issue that a fitting can correct. Pushing straps more toward the outside of the shoulders or choosing a bra with wider straps can be effective solutions for larger breasts.

The underbust band can be another cause. If it isn’t tight enough, the bra straps will be the sole support that leads to cutting in.

The Conturelle Rhapsody T- Shirt Bra corrects fit and provides breathable lift and support to eliminate cutting in. Indulge in lavish Austrian embroidery as you adore the comfort of wider straps and romantic scalloped edging.

You’ll know that your bra straps are fitted correctly when they:

  • Leave no indentations on your skin
  • Are snug to your shoulders
  • Allow you to slide two fingers under the strap but make moving them difficult

Fitting the Underbust Band

The underbust band is responsible for carrying most of the weight of your breasts. Therefore, it has a great impact on fit. A professional fit of a bra by the band will solve many issues that can interfere with comfort.

The Band Is Too Tight

A too-tight underbust band can create lumps and bumps above and below and can cause the aforementioned strap and cup problems. These can be addressed by your fitter, who will ensure correct measurement and band fit to eliminate unwanted bulging.

The Band Is Too Loose

A loose-fitting underbust band’s size is too big. The same is true of a still-loose band that’s on its tightest setting.

A proper-fitting underbust band should:

  • Sit parallel with the ground
  • Stretch straight across your back
  • Be positioned between the middle and lower part of your back
  • Sit snugly on your back when fastened at the loosest hooks

Fit Is About Far More Than Bra Size

How Should a Bra Cup Fit?

Whether it’s a bra, foundation garment, or lingerie, the right fit has everything to do with how a piece makes you feel. You must find a piece that not only offers proper support and enhances your silhouette but adds sexiness and scandal.

Every creation at Trousseau of Dallas Lingerie offers durability, quality, and unforgettable sex appeal. Our personal fittings ensure that every piece enhances your sensuality and adds to your confidence every time you put it on. Please feel free to browse our website or call today to enquire about a fitting in the Dallas area: (214) 538-5161.

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