How to Match Hosiery With Lingerie

Lingerie hosiery and stockings are sleek, sexy accessories that can make your wardrobe pop. Whether you want to spice up the bedroom or add some sex appeal to your outfit, it’s important that you choose the stockings that are right for you. Read this guide to learn how to match hosiery with lingerie so that you can draw attention to your sexy legs.

Choose a Color

The first step of matching hosiery to your lingerie or outfit is to choose an appropriate color. If you’re looking for a bold, naughty look, you may be interested in black stockings. Black transparent tights or dark-colored stockings with a garter belt can elevate your appearance. For a softer, more sensual vibe, try matching your lingerie with hosiery that matches your skin tone. Nude stockings are subtle, yet seductive.

Color can also play an important role in choosing stockings for a special occasion. White hosiery is popular for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, honeymoons, and other wedding events.

Choose a Style

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from when attempting to match lingerie and hosiery. Some options to consider include pantyhose, control tights, stockings, thigh-high hosiery, and leggings. Understanding the differences between these styles is the first step in choosing the right ones for you.

Stockings vs. Tights

Stockings (or stay-ups) come up to the upper thigh. Alternatively, tights and pantyhose cover the full leg (from waist to toe), with tights usually made of a thicker material. The differences between these styles may seem subtle, but understanding what makes each style unique is important when it comes to matching hosiery with lingerie.

Thigh-high hosiery, for example, is stylish, sexy, and can be paired with a garter belt and corset for a complete look. Control tights, on the other hand, offer a more secure option that can help transform your shape and emphasize your curves. For an elegant, classic option with a hint of sex appeal, stockings and leggings are the best choice.

Another aspect of style to consider when choosing hosiery is the design. Which accents, fabrics, and seaming make you feel the most sexy and empowered? Hosiery with lace accents pair perfectly with lacy lingerie for an elegant, erotic outfit. Tights with an inseam accent offer a retro vibe, which matches well with vintage-inspired lingerie like teddies.

Choose Accessories

Lingerie accessories can spice up your look and add an extra layer of naughty fun in the bedroom. Try experimenting with a garter belt, bondage-inspired harness, bracelet, or collar. The right accessory, when matched with hosiery and lingerie, can boost your confidence and sense of empowerment.

Matching Lingerie and Hosiery

It’s easy to match lingerie and hosiery once you know which color and style will work best for you. You can create a look that’s naughty, bold, and assertive or one that’s sweet, sensual, and seductive. To complete the wardrobe and create a show-stopping moment, make sure to also include accessories.

Trousseau of Dallas Lingerie offers a wide range of matching lingerie and hosiery. Are you still unsure about how to create the perfect head-to-toe look? Request a private consultation with one of our experts today by giving us a call at (214) 538-5161 or visiting our website. 

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