Sweet and Sexy First Year Anniversary Ideas

Your first wedding anniversary is an extra-special occasion that deserves to be honored and commemorated. Do you have the perfect gift picked out for your spouse? Traditionally, the 1st anniversary is celebrated with a paper gift, like art prints, tickets to an event, or paper flowers. However, there’s nothing wrong with breaking tradition and choosing a more modern gift. Keep your partner’s unique tastes and preferences in mind as you consider first year anniversary ideas.

Framed Memories and Photo Albums

One of the most romantic anniversary gifts you could give someone is a beautiful display of their wedding photos. Your partner will love reminiscing about the big day and seeing all the love and joy that was present at your wedding. This gift is also a great idea if you intend to stick with the tradition of paper anniversary gifts.

Sexy Lingerie

It’s important to keep the spark alive and the passion burning a full year after your wedding day. Surprise your lover with eye-catching lingerie, sexy stockings, and the hottest accessories. They won’t be able to keep their hands off you! This naughty gift is sure to spice up your date nights and rekindle your romance.

Wedding Cake Eating Date

Instead of shopping around for physical wedding anniversary gifts, you could decide to treat your spouse to a lovely experience. If you’ve saved the top tier of your wedding cake, now is the perfect time to share it together. Pick a sentimental spot, like the location of your first date, or some other romantic venue, like the beach or park. Set up a picnic and enjoy a wedding cake eating date with the love of your life.

Couples Tattoos

There’s no better way to celebrate eternal love than with a permanent symbol of devotion. Get matching or complementary couples tattoos that remind you of your special day. Some tattoo ideas to consider include your wedding date, hearts, a portrait, or anything else that is special to your partnership.

Romantic Night Out

The best gift you can give your loved one is the gift of quality time. Choose an activity that you both enjoy and dedicate the evening to spending time together. One option is to go out on the town and enjoy a romantic anniversary dinner. Afterwards, you may want to spend the whole night drinking, dancing, and laughing together. Then, once you get back home, it’s time to put on the lingerie and end the night with a bang!

Sweet Treats

Chocolates, candies, and other sweet treats make excellent anniversary gifts. If your spouse has a favorite dessert, you can show them that you care by gifting it to them on the big day. There are a lot of extra-romantic dessert ideas you can choose from that will be more impactful than just store-bought candy:

  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries
  • Desserts from your wedding day
  • Heart-shaped boxes of candy
  • Customized chocolate bars
  • Sweet dessert wine
  • Candy rings and jewelry
  • Homemade cookies, cakes, or pies

Second Honeymoon

Do you fondly remember your honeymoon as a time of romance and relaxation? You can relive this bliss with your partner by going on a second honeymoon. This trip can be as big and lavish or as small and cozy as you want.

Maybe your first anniversary is the perfect time to finally take that big overseas trip that you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Or maybe it’s more realistic for you and your spouse to spend the weekend making memories in a seaside rental or nice hotel. Regardless of where you go for your second honeymoon, it’s sure to be a great time and an unforgettable anniversary.

Clocks or Watches

While the traditional present associated with first wedding anniversaries is a paper gift, the commonly accepted modern gift is a clock or watch. This contemporary option symbolizes eternal devotion and lets your partner know that you will love them until the end of time.

If your spouse wears jewelry often, they might enjoy a lovely, unique watch as a gift. To make it even more romantic, consider adding an inscription or customizing the piece with gemstones. Having a present that you can wear and use everyday is incredibly special. Your partner will think of you whenever they put it on in the morning and throughout the day as they check the time.

Sex Toys and Accessories

If you aren’t interested in traditional or romantic gifts, there are some uncommon goods and unconventional presents that you could consider instead. Is it crass to get your spouse a sex toy or bondage-inspired accessory? You know your partner well enough to know if they would enjoy this kind of kinky gift. Many people would be thrilled to receive such a sexy surprise on their anniversary.

How to Celebrate a Year of Marriage

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern gift, there are tons of first year anniversary ideas that you can explore. From romantic photo albums to naughty lingerie, there are lots of ways to make your partner’s heart beat faster.

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