Top 10 Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you planning a naughty bachelorette party for a wild bride? There are a lot of details to consider to throw the perfect party. It’s important to plan the activities, food, drinks, venue, decorations, party favors, and more. If you’re looking for wild bachelorette party ideas, read this list for inspiration. Your guests will remember this night for the rest of their lives!

**Wine Tasting

For brides who want to party hard while still having a classy experience, there is no better activity than wine tasting. Everyone in the bridal party can dress up, tour a vineyard together, and try a variety of wines and champagnes. Hire a photographer to take pictures of your group so you can cherish the memories forever. 

Casino Night

When you think of a wild bachelorette or bachelor party, Las Vegas probably comes to mind. This iconic location is a great spot for visiting casinos, strip clubs, and dance floors. Test your luck on the slot machines or by playing table games with the whole group. Then after a long night of fun, you can unwind in a luxury hotel room just steps away from the casino.

If Las Vegas doesn’t fit your budget or timeline, there are other ways that you can have a casino night. Buy some cards or a miniature roulette wheel and host a fun evening of gambling at home. Make the night even naughtier by giving lingerie as a party favor and suggesting a game of strip poker. 

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of naughty items to find and scandalous tasks to complete as part of a wild scavenger hunt. This unique bachelorette party game is memorable, engaging, and fun. Some ideas for the list include finding a guy with the same name as the groom, getting a man’s phone number, or taking a selfie with the club’s bouncer. You can put whatever you want on your scavenger hunt list as long as the bride approves.

As members of the bridal party mark items off their list, make sure they take pictures as proof. Not only will this be evidence that they successfully completed each task, but the pictures will also serve as precious memories. You can use the photographs from the bachelorette scavenger hunt to make a scrapbook for the bride as a wedding gift. 

Boozy Brunch

Wild bachelorette parties don’t always have to be at night. Hosting a boozy brunch could be the perfect option if the bride is a morning person, someone with a tight schedule, or just a big fan of mimosas. Make reservations at the bride’s favorite brunch spot and get ready to start the day off with a bang. Alternatively, if you’d rather host the party at home, you could whip up some waffles or set up an omelette station for guests in the kitchen. 

Road Trip

For a wild adventure you’ll never forget, pack up your bags and hit the road today! Some popular bachelorette destinations include Nashville, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Plan a route that includes lots of scenic views, tourist spots, and good restaurants. Wherever you go, make sure you have a good playlist ready for the ride. 

Pole Dance Class

Bachelorette parties are supposed to be wild, sexy, and fun. Tap into your sensuality and learn to dance like a stripper in a group pole dancing class. Check to see if your local pole fitness studio offers any special packages for bachelorette parties. These personalized lessons are designed to be extra fun and naughty just for the bride.

Party Games

No bachelorette party is complete without fun and games. Plan a few activities and buy a variety of prizes to give to the winners. You can play a naughty version of pictionary or charades, or host a personalized trivia game about the bride and groom. If you want to throw a really wild party, play a few drinking games too. Activities like beer pong or ‘never have I ever’ will have everyone feeling tipsy in no time.

Once you have the games planned, you can then buy prizes to give to guests. Some ideas for prizes include lingerie, miniature bottles of alcohol, or personalized hangover kits with makeup wipes, pain reliever, and other items. Choose different prizes to give to each participant and to the first, second, and third place winners.

Bar Hopping

Going to multiple bars in one night, or bar hopping, is a classic bachelorette activity. Find a location that has a variety of good bars within walking distance and get ready for a night of naughty fun. If you want to make an eye-catching statement at each bar, buy matching outfits for the bridal party and a special white wardrobe for the bride. Go wild with the accessories and don’t be afraid to look a little kinky on this special night.

**Tea Party

Having a wild bachelorette party doesn’t have to mean going out to drink and dance all night. If the bride would prefer something quieter, you can still go all out hosting a fancy high tea bachelorette. Host this party in your backyard or reserve a spot in a nearby park, garden, or cafe. Serve an assortment of afternoon teas along with appetizers and cocktails. 

**Fancy Dinner

Hosting a fancy dinner party is the perfect bachelorette idea for a bride who loves food. Make reservations at the bride’s favorite restaurant, or experiment by visiting a new, luxury location just for the special occasion. Order a meal that you’ll love and don’t forget to include the cocktails and desserts.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, consider signing the bridal party up for a group cooking class. Together you can all learn how to make a delicious meal before sharing it as a group. This option is both fun and educational.

**Fashion Show

There’s nothing better than drinking wine with friends, dressing up, and hosting a fashion show. Put together a rack of stylish clothes for the bridal party to choose from and set up a runway. It’s fun to include a wide variety of items, like formalwear, athleisure, and professional attire. If you want to host a really wild bachelorette party, be sure to also include lingerie, robes, and naughty accessories. It’s important to also get white bridal lingerie for the bride too so that she stands out on her special night.

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