What to Wear Under Your Wedding Gown

Now that you’ve found your wedding gown, it’s time to consider what you’ll wear underneath. The foundation pieces you choose will have a significant impact on your silhouette. Below, you’ll find more information about how to make the best decision at the best time.

What to Wear Under Your Wedding Gown

Why It’s So Important to Select the Right Lingerie

Wedding lingerie can make you feel sexy, empowered, and feminine, but it should also be comfortable. Comfort will be of special importance on your big day, when you’ll be wearing your gown and lingerie for hours. 

In addition to walking down the aisle, you’ll also be greeting your guests, dancing and eating, and visiting the powder room. You should make all of the above as easy and as comfortable as possible to accomplish.

The type of lingerie you select will also affect the way your gown looks, fits, and falls around your body, which will be of special importance on a day when hundreds of photos will be taken of you. Therefore, it’s not enough to simply choose beautiful pieces; you must also ensure those pieces offer the right kind of coverage and support.

Getting Fitted

Your wedding day lingerie will be a special investment that you can enjoy for years to come. Just like your wedding gown, quality underpinnings deserve professional attention to ensure the perfect fit. A fitting will not only keep your pieces where they belong, but will also help you feel your sexiest and most comfortable.

When to Shop for Bridal Lingerie

Ideally, you would shop for the perfect lingerie before your first gown fitting by bringing a picture of your gown with you to the boutique. Alternatively, the first fitting can be an ideal time to start shopping for bridal lingerie, as this is when you will be wearing your gown for a longer period.

During your fitting, you’ll have time to take everything in, including the style of your gown, its fabric, and the little details that make it so special. All of these will provide clues as to which pieces will work best.

How to Select the Perfect Pieces

When choosing the perfect lingerie for your wedding gown, more than one aspect must be considered.

The Style – Above the Waist

The style of your gown above the waist will govern the type of bra, corset, or cups you choose.

A backless gown can be wonderful with adhesive silicone cups. You can also request that your gown be altered to include cups. A backless bodysuit is another sexy and all-in-one option.

If your gown has a plunging or halter neckline, it will be important to choose a bra that can enhance your decolletage, but that will remain invisible as you move. Requesting sewn-in cups is also an option here. Don’t forget fashion tape, which can be just the thing to keep everything in place.

The one shoulder style can work very well with a white lace, strapless bra. Or, your gown may have a corseted bodice, which will not require you to wear a bra at all.

A strapless gown and bustier can make the perfect pair. The bandeau bra style provides that weightless feel as it gives you extra security.

Otherwise, the question of wearing a bra or having your gown altered will depend solely on you. If you’re comfortable not wearing a bra, then a bra may not be necessary. If you will be wearing one, ensure that it still feels comfortable when you don your gown; otherwise, you’ll only feel restricted, which can also affect your gown’s fit.

The Style – Below the Bodice

The style of your gown below the bodice will make all the difference to the lingerie you choose.  A princess or A-line wedding gown leaves plenty of room for adventure; these styles will not only allow you to wear lingerie of any fabric, but you can also choose a racier ensemble, complete with thigh-high stockings and suspender or garter belt. 

A form-fitting mermaid, trumpet, sheath, or column gown will demand a bit more discretion. For these styles, choose pieces that provide as seamless a silhouette as possible. Thong or tanga panties can achieve this goal. If more coverage suits you, consider an ultra-light peekaboo or high-waisted bikini.

Of course, wearing nothing but your garter belt can also be incredibly sexy if you’re comfortable with it.

The Fabric

The fabric of your wedding gown also comes into play when choosing your underpinnings. A close-fitting silk or satin skirt will offer lots of comfort movement, but will also show every detail of what’s underneath. 

That being said, for these revealing fabrics, avoid garter belts, lace, and any other “bumpy” embellishments on your undergarments. Instead, consider items like stay-up stockings and seamless g-string or body-hugging panties. 

Undergarment Color

The color of your bridal lingerie may also be important if your gown is made of very thin fabric or hugs your body as with the mermaid style. Typically, nude works best under these types of fabrics. Again, if there’s more room in the skirt, you can feel free to play with your lingerie color and style.

Expert Shopping Tips

Shop for a second set of lingerie for your special wedding night and trousseau; this will give you something fresh and sexy to slip into. Plus, you can shop for more elaborate ensembles that your wedding gown may have not allowed you to wear.

What to Wear Under Your Wedding Gown

Shapewear can certainly help you achieve a seamless silhouette, but it’s important to ensure it doesn’t add any unwanted details once your wedding gown is on.

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