Which Style of Lingerie Is Right For You?

When it comes to choosing the right lingerie for yourself, there is a wide range of styles, shapes, fabrics, and forms to choose from. Everybody is unique, which makes finding the perfect lingerie such a personal challenge. Whether you’re looking for a sexy corset or a naughty matching set of bra and panties, there’s something out there for everyone. Read on to learn essential tips for choosing the best lingerie for different body types.

How to Choose the Best Lingerie for Your Body

Lingerie is made for people of all shapes and sizes. With the right style, you can flatter your figure and draw attention to your favorite features. Regardless of your body shape, you deserve to feel sexy, confident, and empowered in the bedroom. The next time you shop for lingerie, keep these helpful guidelines in mind.

Hourglass Figure

If you’ve been blessed with an hourglass-shaped body, you can likely pull off a wide variety of lingerie styles. People with this body type tend to have larger hips and chest with a defined waist. Wearing a garter belt paired with matching bra and panties will emphasize your curves and ensure that all eyes are on you.

Pear-Shaped Body

Big booties with small chests have been trending in the spotlight and stealing hearts. If you have this type of triangle figure, you want to draw attention to your wide hips and tantalizing thighs. Try shopping for a negligee, baby doll, or bustier.

Inverted Triangle Figure

People who have a broad upper body with smaller hips and waist are defined as having an inverted triangle figure. Choosing lingerie that highlights your assets can transform your look and boost your confidence. Halter tops, teddys, and high-waisted bottoms are the most flattering options for this body type.

Rectangular Body

If you have a long torso and straight midriff, certain styles of lingerie can be used to shape your body and emphasize your sensuality. Rectangular body types tend to have an athletic build with shoulders and hips that align with one another. A sexy corset or push-up bra will help give you the appearance of curves in all the right places.

Round Body

People who have a rounded waist and torso look fabulous in a variety of lingerie styles. The secret to choosing the perfect outfit to flatter this figure is to look for items that help create proportional curves. A sleek gown, a pair of chemises, or eye-catching hosiery and accessories are the perfect choices.

Petite Figure

There are lots of ways to flatter petite body types with small chests, tiny hips, and a little waist. Tight and revealing options look great on this figure. Bodysuits, harnesses, and other bondage-inspired pieces can add a naughty edge to your lingerie wardrobe.

Long Torso

Tall people with long torsos have a uniquely sexy figure that can be highlighted with the right lingerie. Drawing attention to your long and slender waist is the key to looking hot and feeling your best. Lacy crop tops, sensual bandeaus, and revealing bralettes are all great options for this body type.

Busty Body

Having a larger chest is often seen as desirable in terms of sexuality; however, this body type can be tricky to dress if you don’t know which lingerie is the best for your figure. People with busty bodies can emphasize their natural curves using the right styles and accessories. Try shopping for a sexy bra to pair with matching high-waisted panties.

Personalized Lingerie

Aside from choosing the perfect style of lingerie, it is also important to ensure that your pieces fit and flatter properly. There is no better feeling than slipping into something sexy that fits your body as if it was made for it. Shopping for personalized lingerie allows you to choose the exact pieces that you have been dreaming about and envisioning.

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