Why Do Men Like Lingerie?

It’s no secret that lingerie boosts a woman’s sex appeal and confidence, but why do men seem to love it? There are as many different reasons as there are men, but one thing’s for certain: men are visual creatures, and lingerie remains an effective way to draw their attention.

 Lingerie is not at all like clothing items you wear every day. It is created with the purpose of flattering your most sensual areas. Sexy lingerie adds intrigue and excitement, attracting attention immediately. 

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Lace, lace, lace. What’s not to love? It adds instant allure. When you’re comfortable, you feel good and when you feel good, it shows. When it shows, a partner will notice. Lace remains as elegant and classy a choice for undergarments as it has been for decades. Thanks to its texture and super-lightweight, it’s also incredibly comfortable to wear.

Wearing lingerie made of lace will enhance your curves and make you impossible to resist. Some men have likened a woman in lace to a gift that’s been given to them to unwrap. Need we say more? It excites a man just to know that he will be seeing YOU in that beautiful garment. Spice it up in red with our Samantha Chang all lace boudoir bodysuit

Why Do Men Like Lingerie?

Silk lingerie shows a softer side and is a decidedly feminine choice that moves with your body and is luxurious. This makes it a wonderful fabric to wear and for a man to feast his eyes on. Beautiful to look at & soft to touch.

Whether it’s a chemise, robe, bodysuit, or another piece, men have compared silk’s visual and tactile impact to the attraction between moth and flame—simply irresistible.


Breaking from the norm can be a very freeing experience for you, and surprisingly sexy for your significant other. Thigh-high stockings, garter belts, and bustiers are all examples of elegant lingerie that men have described as incredibly sexy, though not for the reasons you may suspect.

It’s the way these pieces make her feel—more in control, more confident, and more in charge—that make them most attractive. Men have said there’s nothing sexier because it communicates that a woman knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to pursue it.


Bodysuits can be a very pleasant change. For a woman, this piece can offer plenty in the way of comfort, functionality, and style. Men have expressed that a bodysuit is actually considered part of the lingerie wardrobe and it gives them credit that their level of effort and expertise is changing. So, choosing this piece can ensure many delightful moments will be in store for both of you.

When shopping for lingerie, just remember that feeling good and looking good is the cornerstone of seduction. There are many types of lingerie available, and this can make the right piece a challenge to find. That being said, when shopping for pieces, it can help to think about those areas you wish to enhance.

For example, a push-up bra or corset will accentuate the chest. Sheer babydolls add mystery and provide a preview of the beauty beneath. High-cut panties will accentuate hips. Adding stockings or a garter belt from Lise Charmel will draw attention to legs as well.

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