Why Wearing Lingerie Is Empowering

When you want to make an impression and attract attention, a sexy ensemble can help you achieve this goal like little else can. But there’s far more to wearing lingerie than impressing another person other than yourself; the beautiful pieces available today can empower you to celebrate your uniqueness and sensuality.

When most people hear the word “lingerie,” the first thing they may associate it with is the bedroom. Lingerie is still a perfect way to accent those special moments in your boudoir, but now more than ever, wearing empowering lingerie is all about how good it can make you feel about being you. Who says you can’t spend your weekends around the house in sexy bodysuits? We’ve got you covered with one of our favorites; the Samantha Chang all lace glamour bodysuit. 


Nobody loves you more than YOU and that is why placing yourself as a top priority is at the core of self-love. And just like the exercise, meditation, or other nurturing activities you may engage in, lingerie represents yet another wonderful way to express just how much you really do love yourself. 

We’ve all had days when everything seems to be going wrong—even normally confident women experience this from time to time. And one of the best things about lingerie is that it’s a subtle yet powerful reminder that no matter what’s happening in your life, your beauty, confidence, and desirability are all alive and well. You know what they say - “look good, feel good” & that is always our priority when it comes to you wearing our lingerie.


Loving and celebrating your body is not about achieving someone else’s idea of sexy or perfect. It’s about embracing your shape and your self-worth. It’s about enjoying all the beautiful parts of your body that make you the unique individual you are. Lingerie enhances you in all the right places, revealing just what makes your body something to celebrate.

Empowering lingerie offers many opportunities to explore every facet of your femininity. Ruffles and satin can be just the right choice when you’re feeling romantic. Turn an ensemble of red lace bra, panties, and garters into your own personal “power suit,” and don them when you’re feeling flirty, or celebrate your confident and rebellious side with black and strappy selections. Just like our Bordelle Bondage Shelf Bra.




As a modern woman, it can sometimes feel like being you isn’t a desirable thing. Lingerie makes a very important statement: that being you is not only okay; it’s something you never have to apologize for or compromise. It reminds you that you’re unique and beautiful and that your opinion of you is the one that matters most.


Empowering lingerie will help you celebrate who you are every day. Trousseau of Dallas Lingerie seeks to empower you to be your sexiest, most feminine, and most confident self.

With an incredible eye for style, quality, fit, and construction, the ladies of Trousseau of Dallas Lingerie put decades of experience into every client consultation. Our family-owned business features delightful shapewear, hosiery, lingerie, and other collections from top lingerie brands and designers, including Dita von Teese, NK Imode, and Simone Perele.

We invite you to explore and browse our vast lingerie styles online and look forward to helping you celebrate the sensual and beautiful woman you are.


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